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08/23/2003 Entry: "Mouse Food."

I've gotten soft. I'd forgotten what it's like to be busy at work. For a while things were slow, and I believed busy was "not enough time to read blogs at work." Shyeah, as if. Between vacations and extra projects, we're totally booked. Earlier this week I'd forgotten to schedule in lunch. Not a big deal, but one look at my waistband, and you'll know that I'm not one to miss meals. It has been like that all week.

Yesterday was the topper, though. For a while I wondered why I felt like a used dishrag, knowing that I hadn't had that many cocktails the previous night, until I remembered: I'd been so busy that morning that I'd forgotten to drink any coffee.

Somebody better check in with me next week to make sure I remember to breathe.

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speaking of waistbands, work those jeans Casey! looking good.

Posted by aaron @ 08/24/2003 07:59 PM PST

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