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08/25/2003 Entry: "A Plastic Hug That Just Keeps Going Around."

Not only are the two men wonderful hosts, but Aaron and Keith's house is indeed beautiful; and you can tell that they've put as much love into it as they have for each other and as they will when they become parents. It was an excellent evening surrounded by so many good people.

As we drove home from the housewarming party, the Boyfriend asked me, "So, do you want to go hooping next Sunday?" Looks like the Hooping Marketing Team deserve a promotion. My next dilemma...What color hoop should I get: black with silver spider webs, orange with black ones or shocking pink?

Replies: 3 comments

I vote for purple and silver.. but then again, I am predjudice about those colors..

Posted by sillynun @ 08/25/2003 06:29 PM PST

orange gets my vote but right now i'm going through an orange time in my life so i'm pretty biased right now :P

Posted by gnome-girl @ 08/26/2003 12:31 AM PST

anything but spiderwebs. i am not a fan of the eight-legged ones.

Posted by aaron @ 08/26/2003 10:24 AM PST

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