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10/06/2003 Entry: "Wish I Had Just One Pure Wish."

This weekend a sweet man and friend of mine married the woman he loves. My best wishes to the two of them for a long, happy life together.

My message to them stops there, but I can't keep the rest of it back.

I'm pleased to honor their commitment, even as the pResident declares (in shiny happy words) that I don't deserve the favor. I wish I could just give my warm blessings to a newly married couple, but I can't seem to let the rest of it go, to forget that much of the country believes I am a second-class citizen for something over which I had little to no control.

I should be working right now, but I'm having a hard time being a happy cog in the capitalist machine right now, content with having tenuous rights to second-best in a state where the Big-Energy puppet candidate would happily do away with them again. I wish I could just see wedding white for my friend, instead of red for those others.

Californians, please remember: Vote No on everything tomorrow.

Related story:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - U.S. Rep. Cass Ballenger blames the breakup of his 50-year marriage partly on the stress of living near a leading American Muslim advocacy group that he and his wife worried was so close to the U.S. Capitol that "they could blow the place up."

So how long before the "Defence of Non-Muslim Marriage" act passes?

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That Charlotte NC story is so rich! Republicans are so often accusing liberals of blaming everyone else for their own problems. heh. Why the hell didn't he and his wife move if they were so worried?

Posted by Chloe @ 10/08/2003 02:56 AM PST

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