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10/07/2003 Entry: "Fiat Justitia Et Pereat Mundus."

I went to vote before work this morning. This time it was back at the Animal Control shelter, instead of the slightly dodgy residence hotel it's been the past few years or the Retarded Citizens center from last time. I always expect to see Michael there at the shelter, but I don't think that's even the building where he works.

The woman who was checking me in at the polling place had a difficult time understanding which was my first and which was my last name. It took three of us to convince her to look under the right initial. That took longer than actually filling out the ballot. The three other pollworkers had looks on their faces that clearly said, if Democracy is in this woman's hands, we're all in a lot of trouble.

On my way to the bus stop afterwards, I found a card in the street again. I nearly walked past it, but this card had an unmistakeable pattern on the back; I knew immediately that it was a tarot card. It was bent, a little dirty, very ragged and lying face down on the sidewalk. I flipped it over for a reading:

The card was Justice.

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Man, let's hope so. I'm not liking how CNN's predicting this thing.

Posted by Jason @ 10/07/2003 10:13 PM PST

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