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11/03/2003 Entry: "Getting Up, Real Soon Now."

Three in the afternoon and I'm still naked.

OK, really I'm just on my way to the shower. I'm taking a week off from work, and the Roommate has been off in New Orleans, so I'm enjoying a last afternoon of being the sole occupant of the apartment. As often happens, I'm on vacation this week with nothing planned, though I do have a list of things I'd like to accomplish: a thorough housecleaning, a site redesign (though how long have I been saying that?), some video games, as you might imagine. But aside from Bingo and cutting this scary mane of hair on my head, few of my to-do items necessarily involve leaving the house, so I'm trying to work up the momentum to leave the high local-gravity field of my computer chair. If anyone has any suggestions of other things I might do while I'm up, I'd be happy to entertain them.

(I'm also happy to report that "Reinstall the entire operating system" no longer seems to be on my list. The Boyfriend gave me a copy of Panther to install, but only after a day or so of crying and cursing did I realize that a rookie mistake on my part had locked up the whole system. Everything seems to be (pardon the pun) purring along nicely now. "Panther? I thcarthcely know her!")

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I'm thinking after my interview tomorrow, I have to stop by for cake.

Posted by Jason @ 11/03/2003 06:54 PM PST

You should stop in and have lunch with me tomorrow. I am like so close. I'll e-mail you and to sweeten the pot I will have a disc for you!

Posted by Victor @ 11/03/2003 07:28 PM PST

With Mac OS X, you must lay hands on the box and say a prayer to the Grand Magic Box gods before installing software.

Posted by Naladahc @ 11/04/2003 05:40 PM PST

Naked? We needs us some nekkid C, oh yes we does... Mmmmm...

Posted by Jeremy @ 11/13/2003 02:16 PM PST

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