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11/30/2003 Entry: "Tom And I Are The Same Color!"

Even several days later, I'm enjoying leftovers from Thanksgiving, and boy, am I stuffed. (Very not-safe-for-work.)

My mother sent me that photo, actually. She's also the one who sent me home with fake turkey leftovers and the rest. I just had a Tofurkey sandwich, actually, and it was quite a bit better than you might think. I happened to watch a bit of Good Eats with Alton "Annoying" Brown, who suggested that the mayo or butter on a sandwich isn't there just for moisture and flavor; they actually help keep toasted bread from getting soggy. Interesting idea; I normally forego the spread to reduce the fat. I'll try it on my next one and see if it makes a better sandwich.

She almost bought an Unturkey, but they only had the variety which served eight—I think that might have been a bit much, since I was just about the only one eating any. I tried a new brand at our local Hippie Grocery Store before Thanksgiving, and it wasn't very impressive. The best thing about it was the name: I'd love to be able to extend a platter to my guests at a formal dinner and ask, "Would you like some more Turkey Yum Yum?"

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