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12/01/2003 Entry: "Smoke Lingers Round Your Fingers."

Holy shit, we're going to London.

I hesitated to write anything about it ahead of time, knowing what happened the last time we planned a trip to Europe. The Boyfriend and I are both a little superstitious about it—I've nixed certain restaurants and music for fear of jinxing this trip.

But really, there weren't any pool reporters to hush before this trip; we started talking about going somewhere last week and it sort of...escalated. I started with Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland. He countered with Hearst Castle. Then we thought, you know, we could go see some rather older castles instead. By Friday we had reservations and were searching for passports and guidebooks.

I'm hoping for some tasteful art and tasty drinks and some tasteless theater. I'm also hoping that they don't run me out of the country for lapsing into my horrible fake British accent. (And any Londoners or fellow travellers who'd like to give suggestions or want to meet for a pint, please leave me a comment or email me.)

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Try to go see the Jerry Springer opera. Friends of mine loved it when they went.

Posted by Jeff @ 12/01/2003 08:55 AM PST

*sigh* Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Some day I'll finally get overseas.

Posted by Nala @ 12/01/2003 10:08 AM PST


Posted by Huntington @ 12/01/2003 10:14 AM PST

Yes, we've got tickets to the Jerry Springer opera already. Very excited about that. We leave shortly and will return Sunday. Still not comprehending that we're really going yet, even with my bags packed....

Posted by Casey @ 12/01/2003 11:12 AM PST

We got to go to London/southwest England this September. You may know this already, but you can (and should) buy Underground passes online. It's MUCH cheaper than buying them there. You can get them to cover your whole stay. The Rail passes also cover the trains to the airport and back (get first class!!!)

I loved going there and I'm plotting and planning how to get back again. However, I've sworn I will NEVER, EVER, NOT ON A DARE FOR MONEY get into a London cab. Just WATCHING them made me clench.

Posted by Sherri @ 12/01/2003 04:46 PM PST

...but did you see jealousy in the eyes of the ones who had to stay behind?

Posted by aaron @ 12/05/2003 01:54 PM PST

You must go the Royal Vauxhall Tavern at 5 p.m. on Sunday afternoon for the D. E. Experience. It was the highlight of my trip last year.

Posted by Todd @ 12/09/2003 09:35 AM PST

oh, I love Cinerama

Posted by -p- @ 12/12/2003 11:39 AM PST

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