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02/12/2004 Entry: "C30 C60 C90."

Currently playing on indefinite repeat in the right half of my head: Kelis' "Milkshake." (A highly viral song. Don't watch if you're smart.)

Currently playing on indefinite repeat in the left half of my head: Rufus Wainwright's "Dinner at Eight." Because not only do I enjoy the melancholy and bittersweet, but those are also our evening plans.

In between the two is a pulsing deadline tomorrow morning for the project I should have been working on all week but haven't. It's got a great beat, and if you watch closely, you can probably dance to it. ("He-e-e-ey!")

Throw in "Here comes the Bride" and "Happy Birthday" and I think my mental mix tape is ready to flip over to side B.

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iTunes Music Store has a really good remix of the milkshake song.

Posted by Geno @ 02/13/2004 09:09 AM PST

Thank you thank you thank you for the link to milkshake.

Too bad I found this your blog at the end of the day. I could have been listening to it all day at work. All day. ALL DAY.

Posted by hot toddy @ 02/13/2004 04:34 PM PST

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