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02/11/2004 Entry: "Tips And Tricks."

• The 47 doesn't actually go anywhere near my workplace.

• Eat before your morning meeting. It's very embarrassing to have someone stop mid-sentence and ask, "Is that your stomach making that noise?"

• Do not assume that the guy at the bus stop is staring at you because of your overwhelming personal charm and innate charisma. Relatedly, be certain to wash all the toothpaste off your lips before leaving for work.

• When leaving phone messages for your boss, it's more helpful to leave your own phone number rather than hers.

• Valentine's Day dinner reservations start to get pretty thin on the 10th. Also, most taquerias in the Mission do not accept reservations.

• A vegetarian who goes to dim sum with coworkers will be much happier ordering off the lunch menu.

• Just because your boss, coworkers, and Boyfriend all have the flu doesn't mean you're going to get it. (OK, I don't know this. I'm actually just hoping it's true.)

• There is no such thing as "Vitamin Wine", though there should be.

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Re: dim sum: yeah, I just learned that at work in the last month, when a bunch of us went out for one of the other webdevs' birthday.

Re: flu: No, but if you bring it with you on Thursday and/or Friday, I'll know whom to come after. Vitamin C, dahlink, vitamin C.

Posted by Jason @ 02/11/2004 11:34 PM PST

"The 47 doesn't go anywhere near..." Gee, those South of Market blocks are long when you're late for work.

Posted by Huntington @ 02/12/2004 10:30 AM PST

of course if you are taking vitamin C, remember to load up on the zinc too. Without it, vitamin C pretty much just washes through your system without doing much good.

I have to say that reading your writing is damn entertaining. Makes me laugh, which is making it really hard to make everyone here believe that I am goth at all... unless it is that maniacal laughter that chills their souls.

Posted by Dominic Bridwell @ 02/13/2004 09:02 AM PST

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