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02/20/2004 Entry: "A Wednesday Conversation."

"I'm all messed up. I spent all day thinking it was Thursday."
"Funny, and I thought yesterday was Monday."
"Today is my Monday," pipes in someone who took an extra day off after Monday's holiday. She receives a couple glares from the group.
"Today feels more like a Tuesday to me."
"Look, it's Wednesday, all right? Wednesday. And we have about four days worth of work left to do this week. So if we could have un poco menos hablando y un poco más trabajando I'd appreciate it."
People slowly filter back to their desks, shooting bitter looks over their shoulders..

Thank Odd it's Friday.

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Today is now Tuesday right?... Damn i wish it was friday again

Posted by rannie @ 02/24/2004 12:49 AM PST

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