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02/25/2004 Entry: "I'm Just Fine, Dammit."

My mother called me last night. "I figured that since you didn't post," she explained, "that you were either busy or sick." Call it Mother's Intuition for the Internet Age. Indeed, I've been sick for the past few days. I'm only barely back at work today, but there are too many projects that need to get out for me to spend any more time sick at home, vegging out in front of Phantasy Star Online and sleeping. I hate it when the meat gets needy.

As usual, I ran out of TheraFlu in the middle of being sick, so yesterday I made the traditional walk float down to Rite Aid for emergency provisions—drugs, juice and tea. (And potato chips. They were on sale.) It was less surreal than usual, probably because I haven't been so feverish this time; there was much less glassy-eyed staring at shelves of shiny consumer goods. Getting to work in the middle of the downpour, however, was another kind of "floating" entirely. Now that I'm here, people are welcoming me back from the dead and suggesting that I go home early. Damn it, I fought to get here, why shouldn't I work the whole day? I've got two rations of TheraCrack; that should last me until about 1 AM. I can do my work just fine.

As long as my work consists of staring, glassy-eyed, at my computer monitor. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to float over to my 2:30 Meeting.

...What is it that I do here again?

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vegging out in front of Phantasy Star Online...

One of us... one of us...

Posted by Jason @ 02/26/2004 08:41 AM PST

I lived and died by my "Generiflu" that I would pick up at my now defunct chain of beloved grocery stores called Big Bear.

I have tried 2 other generic versions of Theraflu and none remotely does me good like my beloved and now impossible to by Generiflu.


Well, at least I hope you feel better.

I feel like shit... and not in any illness way.

Maybe I have cancer or a tumor or something.

Posted by Nala @ 02/26/2004 03:58 PM PST

I figure since you're not posting since posting this post that you're feeling better or are are busy. I sure hope so. Wait a minute, what's your sign? Gotta check your horoscope. It could be something else altogether. And if I'm not satisfied with that, I'm gonna see a psychic. And if there isn't one available, well, short of calling (gawd forbid), I'll probably just post an APB sort of thing on my blog. Yes. That's what I'll do. Cause I need to post something too. Preferably before I start getting calls about not posting. What's my point? Why am I wasting your kilobyte? Ack. I really do need coffee. Hugz.

Posted by Panchesco @ 02/28/2004 10:02 AM PST

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