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03/11/2004 Entry: "We Do Not Riot On Our Planet."

From the sound of the helicopters outside around Civic Center, it sounds like Arnold really does expect riots over gay marriage tonight. I mean, come on, it's just a MECA rally. Of course, the California Supreme Court blockage is only a setback, not the end; we won't know more here until May or June. But I know friends who had marriages planned for next month (yes, you, sweetheart) who I'm feeling a little dissappointed for tonight.

Add to that the horror of the bombing in Spain; You probably know I have such a strong connection in my mind between terrorists and Spain already, so you might also expect that even the fact that I made gaspacho last night makes me feel somehow psychically implicated.

It doesn't really matter where we go from there—say, a report on potentially toxic snack food, to get me watching the skies for another reason: Hoping that the mothership comes to take me back to my home planet soon. Assuming I'll be able to see them between all the advertisements. Oh, Homelanders hurry; these humans, they be crazy.

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I may be upset, but never worried: Portland is an easy drive.

Posted by -J. @ 03/11/2004 08:06 PM PST

Sorry...the Homelanders gave me this message when I asked for a pick-up: we're not done here until the humans aren't crazy anymore. Dammit, this job is getting tiresome.

Posted by Huntington @ 03/16/2004 04:38 AM PST

And this silly man-suit is beginning to itch.

Posted by Casey @ 03/16/2004 02:37 PM PST

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