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03/17/2004 Entry: "Why I Usually Wear Headphones."

I walked home last night, since it was still warm and clear, even as late as it was. There were a surprising number of people on the street at that hour. I was joined at one point by an older man in running shorts, presumably from the senior housing complex near work. He had a zippered jacket tied around his waist and a fanny pack over that, one of which jingled with every step he took. Jingle jingle jingle. He was speed walking, but while his arms were pumping up and down vigorously, he was only keeping pace with me—perfect pace, actually. Jingle jingle jingle. For a couple of blocks, we walked within feet of each other, exactly in line. Jingle jingle jingle. I suspect that we looked like a very short parade with a tiny, metallic musical accompanist.

Eventually I passed him at a yellow light, where he walked in methodical and rhythmic circles, keeping up his pace; Jingle jingle jingle. And the sound faded away behind me.

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Hmmm. It sounds like the opening scene of a bad porn movie.

Even the "jingle jingle jingle" could be used in the name of the movie and it would sound very dirty.

Posted by Nala @ 03/18/2004 04:51 AM PST

Woudn't it have been funny if, as he drew away from you, the "jingle jingle" didn't fade, and you realized it was you with all the loose change in the depths of your black trench coat pockets?

Posted by Huntington @ 03/19/2004 06:13 AM PST

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