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06/02/2004 Entry: "Yank? Psych!"

OK, even with the teary-eyed train ride over there and the trembling while actually in the chair (yes, I'm a big scaredy-kat at the dentist,) it was all for naught; they're pulling the tooth tomorrow instead. One more night for crunchy snacks or gooey treats. Of course, I'm really craving that chocolate pudding I bought yesterday. The grass on the other side and all that.

Today's visit was mostly for them to do a thorough examination of my insurance, which they poked and prodded and asked if it hurt. It's pretty good coverage as long as you don't actually need any treatment. And do I need treatment...Jeez, my teeth are a mess. You're kind for not mentioning it all this time. Well, this is what I get for not taking care of them. Don't be a Yuck Mouth, kids, whatever color the grass is on your side.

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I found your page because well, I am assuming you looked up "yuck mouth" and there I was. Who knew? Well, I supposed I should have. No more green spots and a clean bill of oral hygeine for me as of late. Though I still have those tooth falling out dreams all of the time, too. I've asked around and apparently it means I the dreamer is not taking advantage of good learnin' opportunities or something. And apparently they mean more than learning to floss. Okay then, I have taken up too much space here already. Glad to have found ya.

Posted by annfrankenstein @ 06/02/2004 08:39 PM PST

I always wanted "Giant Mr. Gross Mouth" as a kid but the 'rents would never buy it for me.

Posted by Nala @ 06/03/2004 05:34 AM PST

Great, now I have the Yuck Mouth song going through my head. I still know all the lyrics; that's probably a factor in my fetishistic oral hygiene.

"I got some beef in my teeth and some chicken too... OUCH! That's a cavity! Hey, that's new! So if you don't brush your teeth then, yes, you too can be a Yuck Mouth!"

make it stop!

Posted by Jessica @ 06/03/2004 04:42 PM PST

Clever usage of song lyrics, Kudos to you , Keep up the inspirational writtings . - peace

Posted by Zaahk @ 06/04/2004 05:18 AM PST

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