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06/04/2004 Entry: "You Can Stick That In Your Pocket."

The other week when I saw one of these pocket bikes racing down Valencia street, I thought it was funny and kind of cute.

At 8AM, woken from my Codeine dreams by the porters from the car dealership next door buzzing back and forth along the alley behind my apartment like they're racing in the Mosquito 500, "cute" is not the first word that came to mind. I think it was "car accident," to be specific.

I'm not in much discomfort today, actually, since the extraction went really well. After only a few minutes of work and not a lot of pulling, the dentist announced that she was done. "It's a boy!" joked the hygenist. I'm sure it was the n-Hundredth time she'd told that joke. I gave her a courtesy laugh when she repeated it, so that she wouldn't have to repeat it again.

I opened my eyes and said, "Really? That's it?" (OK, technically what I said was "Weeee-ee? Daaath-ii?" but you get the idea.) They let me get up and make my follow-up appointment, and I was feeling pretty good, frankly. I thought about taking MUNI home, but from the look of horror the woman at the pharmacy gave me, I realized that the swelling and gauze made me look like a demented chipmunk. I pointed to my distended cheek and slurred, "It's a boy," but she didn't laugh. Sure got my prescription in a hurry, though.

A day later and I think things are healing nicely. I have a little energy for some simple chores today, but mostly I intend to take things easy. For instance, I'll only throw light objects at the scooter races outside my window.

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I loathe those stupid, little motorcycles. The noise they emit makes my ears want to bleed and the people riding them look like idiots.

Really, I'm not always this cranky, I swear.

Posted by Katrina @ 06/04/2004 02:24 PM PST


re: the part where you repeated the joke to the pharmacist.

not re: the pain.

Not so much, anyway.



Posted by Jason @ 06/04/2004 04:11 PM PST

There's a dollar store on Mission x 21st that sells crossbows, I'm pretty sure. I'm just saying.

Kisses for your poor swollen jaw!

Posted by Jessica @ 06/05/2004 04:16 PM PST

CHP decision may force mini bikes off streets.

Posted by Katrina @ 06/11/2004 01:57 PM PST

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