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06/26/2004 Entry: "So What's In A Rhode Island Iced Tea?"

Thought on Wednesday, flying home: Damn, how'd it get to be Wednesday already?

Thought on Friday, way behind at work: Damn, how'd it get to be 5PM already?

Thought on Saturday morning at a club with a kickin' DJ, hanging with a bunch of cool friends new and old: Damn, how'd it get to be Last Call already?

And while that was true, what I was really thinking was, how did it get to be eight years later before I walked into the Cat Club again? Wasn't I just here at "So What?", the weekly alternative night? Wasn't I drinking Long Island Iced Teas because they were the most cost-effective alcoholic beverage, just like the drunk boy from LA who was leaning on me as his lesbian friends got another round tonight did? (Yeah, I think he might have been hitting on me, but if I remember right, when it's that dark and you're that drunk, it doesn't mean so much.)

When I was that person, did I suspect that eight years later I'd be coming back to see if anything had changed? (Aside from the coat check room, nothing of note.) Did I know that I'd be doing a pretty good job of impersonating a married person, with career, mortgage and everything? Did I have any idea that I was heading in any direction, let alone this one?

Ah, I'm rambling. Damn, how did it get to be this late?

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The most cost effective booze drink I found (if getting shit-faced was your ultimate goal) was Bacardi 151 and cokes. Just stay away from open flames.

Posted by Lee @ 06/27/2004 12:30 AM PST

Ain't it a bitch to get older? Especially when you take a look at where you are now compared to where you were in the past.

Anyway, shall we be getting pics of your trip?

Posted by Nala @ 06/29/2004 09:01 AM PST

So about this t-shirt...

Posted by -J. @ 06/30/2004 08:34 PM PST

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