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08/22/2004 Entry: "Plenty Of Room To Panic."

You'd think with that other room empty, I'd feel less crowded. You'd think with the room to spread out a little, I'd be able to calm down and take stock of what I have left to pack, what I have left to get rid of, what I have left to do.

I'm an absolute wreck.

There are so many places to start. Because there are so many projects openly staring at me, sitting out in plain sight waiting to be completed, I want to finish them all right now and as I walk past a new one, I put the half-completed project down and pick up that new one. My fingernails are still half-white where I stopped picking the paint off when I picked up the camera to post a classified ad but had to move the fireplace tools into the Goodwill pile after moving the dance pad controller to get a box for my porn computer equipment. I still cannot see the bed, but I did manage to hook up the internet again (obviously) and get rid of a big white desk. Just a few more pieces of furniture left to go. Don't any of you San Franciscans need a bookshelf or a rolling cart? How about a folding glass-topped table? The Roommate's small desk? An old Mac?

But progress is being made. Things are going into boxes (and the garbage.) The Boyfriend and I are both sore from scrubbing smoke-stained walls and starting to paint what will be our bedroom. (Still strange to think of it in those terms. But it will probably be different once we're in there.) Once we get that finished, we can start moving and cleaning the other rooms in the house in time for the move next weekend.

Next weekend. ::looks around:: Eek!

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Don't any of you San Franciscans need a bookshelf...

Hrm...our apartment is thumbnail-sized, but we *could* use another bookshelf if it's not too big.

Posted by Katrina @ 08/23/2004 08:09 AM PST

The small bookcase is a five-shelf thing in white, around 6' tall. I also have a printer cart, which is low (2.5 feet), has two shelves, and is on wheels.

Posted by Casey @ 08/23/2004 02:56 PM PST

Bugger. The bookshelf is too tall for any of the places we have room for one and the printer cart would just become a kitty jungle gym.

In completely unrelated news: http://www.palisadestoys.com/new/Invader_Zim/zimweb.html

Posted by Katrina @ 08/25/2004 10:19 AM PST

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