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08/28/2004 Entry: "Yes, In Fact, It Does All Revolve Around Me."

I could have told you that we'd have hot weather this weekend: I'm moving. Anytime I'm going to be sweaty moving things I can guarantee the weather will do something to exacerbate the problem. I'm almost finished packing except for the computer and this desk, and just about ready for the movers, who will call any minute now to tell me when they're showing up. That doesn't help the sweating.

I keep tipping into the slightly maudlin as I do things for the last time—My last late-night call to the Boyfriend. My last night alone in 'my bed.' My last shower here. My last pot of coffee. I found myself walking down to get dinner last night thinking, "Goodbye Folsom Street! Think fondly of me."

I'm only moving about six blocks. And I work a block away from Folsom Street. Who, me, a drama queen? No way.

I'd better shut down and finish my packing. And also finish my last post in this apartment. [Places hand to forehead] Sigh. Thank goodness my stapler is already packed.

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If you don't post a "my first coffee, my first night in new bed, my first post..." entry, THEN you're a drama queen.

congrats, by the way!

Posted by GodOfBiscuits @ 08/29/2004 09:39 PM PST

Where's the "my last j/o" in "my bed" post?

Posted by Nala @ 08/30/2004 07:49 AM PST

Ditto on both of the above. Hope all is going well. I'm so vicariously excited for you!!

Posted by William Ted @ 09/02/2004 11:27 AM PST

If you are reading this it probably means you are settled in and are back online. So, welcome home!!

Posted by hot toddy @ 09/02/2004 03:53 PM PST

So are you moved, settled, alive?

Have you had sex in every room yet?

Posted by aaron aka evill @ 09/08/2004 11:33 AM PST

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