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09/08/2004 Entry: "The First Post-Move Post."

OK, so maybe I am a big ol' drama queen. What are you going to do about it?

On the 31st, I surrendered my keys to the old place. I'd left them in a drawer in the kitchen, as the building manager had asked. I'd made a final check for anything we might have forgotten, though to be honest, I wasn't really looking very hard. I tried not to tear up as I left with my vacuum cleaner, but I couldn't help saying "goodbye" out loud to my former apartment as I shut the door—Goodbye, bachelor pad, I'm off to go be a married man now. I could feel tears preparing to stream down my face as I walked to the new place for the last—or if you prefer, the first—time.

However, it was sweat that actually streamed down my face during the ensuing seven-block-walk through the Mission...with a vacuum cleaner. That's one way to change your attitude fast.

We're slowly getting rooms set up and settled in. I've metaphorically peed in all the corners of the new place to mark it as my own, which is probably a welcome change from what may literally have happened with The Boyfriend's former roommate—frankly, just pass me the Lysol; I don't want to know. We've been trying to dig out the Boyfriend's stuff (like the TiVo) from under all my moving boxes and whatnot (like the Playstation). I find myself alternating between wanting to help him find a space that is just his and finishing carving out a space that is just mine. On the other hand, I am beginning to suspect that this is a process couples can do for entire lifetimes, so I don't know that we exactly need to hurry.

The dining room is still the dumping grounds for everything we don't know where to put yet, but that's probably par for the course. The kitchen, while a bit crowded, can actually be used for cooking now. Which is good, because eating out all week and not unpacking the Dance Dance Revolution dance pad has been a poor combination for my waistline. The pantry is mostly cleaned and organized, but eventually we're going to want to paint in there. So finishing unpacking all my dishes and cookware is a Pyrrhic victory at best. At least I've kept up with the "break it before you move it, not after" credo so far. Even my fragile martini glasses made it. Even through the heavy use they're getting now whenever we realize how much of the house still needs work.

It's still sinking in that I live there. and that this is not some extended summer vacation. I came back from the dentist yesterday wondering when (and if) The Boyfriend was going to see my "new" teeth. Duh, I thought, he'll see you tonight...when you go home.

Speaking of which, since it's after six seven, I should probably head towards there. I think there's a cocktail waiting there with my name on it.

Replies: 4 comments

I am so very happy for you both.. Congrats, and here is a toast to a long and happy life together...

Posted by sillynun @ 09/09/2004 03:32 AM PST

It's about time.

Posted by Jason @ 09/09/2004 08:08 AM PST

All of these posts about you and The Boyfriend living together make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Posted by Katrina @ 09/09/2004 08:12 AM PST

Your walk throught the mission reminded me of a very embarassing story - Halloween in really bad drag (think Phyllis Diller - Maria Callas's love child) - stolen purse - no keys - dragging my sorry ass home in really painful shoes praying the manager won't die of a heart attack when I wake him up and ask him to let me into my apartment.

I have no idea why you carrying a vacuum in the same neighborhood reminds me of this though.

Posted by aaron @ 09/09/2004 09:51 AM PST

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