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02/02/2005 Entry: "Odd Coincidences."

Why is it that I always get flu symptoms at the same time they offer flu shots in our office?

Why is it that I always get a big project when I get flu symptoms?

Why is it that I always get a big project and flu symptoms when I have a new game that I'd rather be playing until all hours of the evening?

Oh look, I think I see my shadow. If anyone wants me, I'll be back in bed for the next six weeks.

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Well... it is about every 6 weeks or so when you grace us with a witty new journal entry.

So really there's nothing new here is there! =)

Posted by Nala @ 02/03/2005 02:21 PM PST

So... Is it World of Warcrack now?

Posted by Sillynun @ 02/04/2005 09:44 AM PST

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