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02/16/2005 Entry: "The Toolbar Of The Devil."

I may not remember my own email address today from lack of sleep, and I may need to wear a brace on my wrist again, but let it be know that I emerged victorious from my recent mano-a-mano with Powerpoint. I did not let it defeat me. I did not stand for its mistreatment. And though it may have kept me at my desk until 8 or 9 at night—on Valentine's Day, no less—I emerge today a better man for it.

However...the projector that turned my orange slides yellow? You made the little baby Jesus cry. You're the one that's making me consider how else to use my skills.

But you know? It's all OK. Because there's a rainbow in every teardrop I'm crying.

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Back in yonder days of the 1990s when I managed a group of desktop publishing staff and designers I had made little signs for their desks that read "Microsoft PowerPoint sucks balls nasty!" and to this day this still holds true.

Posted by Nala @ 02/17/2005 05:36 AM PST

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