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03/14/2005 Entry: "A Large Geek Special, Hold The Anchovies."

It's National* Pi Day 2005 and I am slightly more than three times as excited about it as I should be. So how am I observing the occasion this year?

• Running around in circles at work (approximately 10m in diameter.)

• Rubbing the dark circles around my eyes from staying up late playing my game (approximately 1.5cm radius.)

• Calculating the distance we must travel to move in an arc 180 degrees back in the right direction.

And perhaps pizza is an appropriate choice for dinner tonight. Just a thought.

(Note: As someone pointed out, in several places internationally the date would be written 14.3. These international locations can celebrate instead on the 22nd of July, or Pi Approximation Day. I strive for accuracy, to whatever decimal point you'd like me to attain...)

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Whatever we'd like you to obtain? Who knew geometry had its codependent side?

Posted by Huntington @ 03/16/2005 05:44 PM PST

I don't think it's codependent so much as Casey's a math submissive. Which we can use to our advantage: bitch, do my taxes! Compute!

Posted by Jason @ 03/16/2005 09:30 PM PST

I don't know, Casey. Your obsession might be a bit IRRATIONAL.

Get it? I love math humor.

Posted by Glenn @ 03/19/2005 09:38 AM PST

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