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03/22/2005 Entry: "Showers Likely, But Not Expected."

Five Day Forecast: All RainThis has been what I've been looking at every day when I look at the weather widget on my computer. Depressing looking, even for somebody who likes the rain...like I ought to go build an ark. I've been trying to schedule around this supposed onslaught of water, deciding whether to postpone my haircut or putting off dragging our guest bedding to the cleaners. Yet every day, it seems, I walk out to a clear sky, or at least a dry spell in the afternoon. Seems like it wasn't until yesterday that I actually walked out into a storm and not just clouds spitting down on me.

And so it goes with our home renovations. The contractor we have—a friend of the Boyfriend's, so you understand why we're putting up with this—forecast that he'd be in on Sunday to demo the shower and bathroom. (Sheesh, listen to me: "demoing" the bathroom...you can tell I've been watching a lot of HGTV.) We washed for the last time before we went out that afternoon, gingerly washing our faces at the sink with the Makita battery recharger precariously balanced on the edge. When we came back that afternoon not a single tile had come down.

We didn't hear from him at all, not even after the NCAA championship games were over. No sign of him yesterday, even. I mean, I wasn't looking forward to either showering at work or in a plastic-wrapped construction zone. But we've got a deadline; The In-Laws are coming to visit next month, whether the bathroom is sparkling and new or in mid-construction. He's done this before, or we'd be more concerned for his safety. He's a good guy, otherwise; it's just disappointing that the downpour of work we were hoping for has slowed to barely a trickle.

Looking out the window just now, the rain was really pouring down. I'm hoping that this is a sign that I'll need to bring a towel with me to work tomorrow, not the excuse that will postpone our project for 40 days...until the flood subsides.

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Holy shit, this Konfabulator thing rocks! Fuck Tiger.

Oh, and I am so glad you returned to post. Now see if you can’t finish the home remodeling already.

Posted by Jhames @ 03/27/2005 11:42 AM PST

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