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03/29/2005 Entry: "Geek Weiner Shame."

It's cool having friends who invite me in to things like the Beta of Yahoo!360°, the new social networking portal—think Friendster but tied into your Yahoo! account, or Orkut, but not in Brazilian Portuguese.

(Note: I have, apparently, drunk enough corporate Kool-Aid over the years that I don't even flinch while adding in the exclamation point in Yahoo!'s corporate identity. Somebody shoot me.)

However, for a brief time until I figured out how to configure my page there, I exposed the world to the profile name that I use to view...um...some yahoo groups, which were also displayed, which have...er, baser themes than are usually... [deep inhale] OK. I'll come out and say it: it exposed my porn-browsing profile name. It's not like I was showing my cookie to everybody, but at the same time you didn't need to know (but probably could guess) that I was a member of the "hairymanphotos" community.

This is basically the digital equivalent of leaving your fly open. And somewhat literally so. Hi everybody! *ziiip!*

(And if you're interested in an invitation to Yahoo! 360, I think I can invite people. Let me know.)

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Eek, I better go back through my groups and see if I am still a member on all those gossip rags. Like I would join a porn group.

Ooh! Give me an invite! I love nothing more than having another social network to villify.

Posted by Jhames @ 03/29/2005 08:46 PM PST

I already have a yahoo id... give me an invite so I can see what all the fuss is about.

I tried Okrut and Friendster (does anybody use friendster anymore?) and have settled into Tribe, mostly, because I like its interface/organization best. It feels smooth and more intuitive, at least to me.

Posted by Gigamatt @ 03/30/2005 05:01 AM PST

I have a yahoo id, so if you want to pass on an invite, I would be up for that.

Posted by Greg @ 03/30/2005 08:20 AM PST

If you're offerin' invites, I'm acceptin', as well.

Casey, why didn't you tell me about the hairy thing? I realize you're committed and all, but...well, we could've had a nice chat.

Posted by Huntington @ 03/30/2005 06:30 PM PST

LOL about the Internet is for porn one. Hope you don't mind but I'm going to post the link on my site. (Proper credit on where I stole...er...got it from will be given, of course)

Got myself on Yahoo beta invite list already...by the time I'll get around to even remmebering about that group, I'll get that invite.

Posted by Lee @ 03/30/2005 10:31 PM PST

I want one.. I want one.. But no cookies thanks :-)


Posted by sillynun @ 03/30/2005 11:03 PM PST

After bailing on friendster then freaking out that people might have thought I defriendsterizing them a few months back, I think I'm ready to decentralized social network again. Gracias, dahlink.

Posted by Jessica @ 04/03/2005 09:34 AM PST

Invitations sound fun. I didn't presume to have much privacy anyway.

Posted by Daniel M. Laenker @ 04/13/2005 10:51 PM PST

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