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12/24/2005 Entry: "Have Yourself A Merry Little Whatever, I Don't Care."

I almost have the Christmas spirit. No really, any day now it'll happen. Possibly some time next week. Is that a problem?

I thought maybe I could jump-start myself into the holiday mood by dusting off and putting up my mini Christmas tree at home. This year instead of my gothy little tree I went for multicolor lights and standard silver and gold bells and ornaments. Maybe I'll post a picture next week if I can muster up the excitement for it.

I just sat in the living room of the Boyfriend's parents here in Northern Virginia and power-wrapped all the presents we're giving their family. Normally gift wrapping is my favorite activity of the holiday; I've been known to spend tremendous effort wrapping presents in unusual, sculptural, and occasionally in completely conceptual ways. This year's gifts are wrapped in a pastiche of elementary-school fundraiser styled paper with enough scotch tape holding them together to ensure that 3M will go into the black this fiscal quarter. Really, any second now I'll find the energy to redo them. Right.

But if you're celebrating Christmas tomorrow, I hope you have a lovely, magical day, and may it be made of everything you dreamed about. Unless three spirits come visiting tonight and put the fear of death in me, I'll be dreaming that it's Monday.

Of course, if those spirits include some eggnog with bourbon...

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