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06/15/2006 Entry: "Locusts, Pestilence, And Caller ID."

The End Times are upon us. My personal Escatology has always included several signs particular to me, primary among them: I would carry a cell phone on my person. Shortly afterwards, the seas and rivers of the world would run red like blood.

The Boyfriend got a new phone and handed me the old pay-as-you-go Virgin phone to carry for a while, to see if I really want to buy a sexier or more powerful phone (and pay the monthly charges for it.) So I've had it with me the past week. So far not so many calls on it, mostly because I hadn't actually given anyone the number. I did send a text message on a phone for the first time ever. I didn't even die. Honestly, since they took away my Blackberry at work (I still need to post an entry about that...) I've felt like I was missing a gadget. So I'm not hating the feeling of being "always contactable" like I always thought I would.

But if you ever see me walking down the street while talking on it, I'd suggest you take cover from the hail and fire that will soon pummel the earth around me.

OK, perhaps I'm overreacting. But last night my computer's video card went kerflooey. Any time the computer gets sick I get a little end-of-the-worldish. (I think I'm feeling guilty since just yesterday I was reading how dust can short out your computer's components. And it's looking pretty nasty in there.)

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