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07/01/2006 Entry: "Storm Windows."

Hm. A sudden storm just blew in to the coast of Peaks Island, Maine. We've been leeching free Wifi from a neighbor on one side of the house (Hey, New York Magazine says it's not bad etiquette to do so) and putting off taking the ferry to Portland to buy computer parts. (In upgrading the computer on the island, the boyfriend we seem to have disabled their printer. Oops.)

It was a little grueling getting here--two days of packing up the house for the electricians and contractor, a late plane which altered all of connecting flights, and then a 17-hour ordeal of subway, plane, bus, rental car, taxi, ferry and finally golf cart to get here. At least the gentleman who helped us at the airport was able to miraculously find seats to get us to Boston within an hour of our original flight. Better than the woman on the phone who said she could get us to Portland in four days at the soonest. He must have had magic fingers.

And we all like boys with magic fingers.

My back is still sore from packing boxes of books. I'd surf some more, but after spending two days finally catching up with my links list and pruning the dead links out, I'd forgotten to copy it to a disk or post it. Oh well. I think it may be time to lie down on the couch and do some sudoku and watch the storm light rain hit the ocean for a while.

No problem...Let it rain. I'm good for a while.

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Maine? MAINE?! WTF? Did we talk about this before and I forgot?

Posted by giga @ 07/05/2006 01:15 PM PST

Didn't you see us wave when we flew past? (OK, I was probably trying to sleep at the time.) I didn't mention that we were staying with the Boyfriend's parents, and their computer was the one "we" upgraded.

By the way, Nala and Giga: I have a small summer present for you—remind me to get a mailing address from you sometime.

Posted by Casey @ 07/05/2006 03:14 PM PST

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