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07/08/2006 Entry: "More NYC Plots."

While we wondered what kind of police activity had delayed trains at the White Plains station, we didn't realize there was a year-long (and not particularly evolved) plot involved. So far on our trip we've only discovered the following plots:

  • The plot to ensure that I am sweaty at all times and for every show we attend, where women sitting behind me will inevitably complain "My gosh, it's so cold in here!"
  • The plot that every attractive man in New York City will have his shirt unbuttoned at least halfway down his chest, causing both me and the Boyfriend either whiplash or risk of injury from walking out into traffic.
  • The plot causing restauranteurs to serve ginormous portions at every place we eat, ensuring difficulty when squeezing into an airplane seat next week
  • The plot involving the number of sales in SoHo clothing boutiques, draining precious funds that could be used for home repairs (aka, homeland security) for shoes instead.
We're here for two more days before we head to Washington DC—give me a shout if you want to meetup or something. Let'th party.

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It a not a plot, but much more sinister it's a Scheme, and we all know schemes are much worse than plots :)

Hurry Home, hope you are having a grand time..

Posted by sillynun @ 07/09/2006 12:37 AM PST

Dammit! I had no idea you were in NYC! I would have hung out! Poop!

Posted by Glenn @ 07/16/2006 01:35 PM PST

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