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01/22/2007 Entry: "Like Sinistar, I Live."

I just discovered a fast way to nuke the thousands of spam comments on some of my previous entries. That was one of the things that has been keeping me from posting. That, work, World of Warcraft, and general laziness.

I have made a few posts over on my Vox page but nothing of that much consequence. But if you'd like to amuse yourself there, you may. Send me a note or leave a comment if you'd like an "invite." (I don't even know if one needs an invite any more for Vox. It is kind of a fun product, if you're in the market for a hosted blog site.)

I do need to consider what to do with this site. I should update the design and possibly the software it runs on. Maybe then I'll be more inclined to post more. While I find I have plenty of things to occupy my time when I'm not posting, I do miss writing online. And getting comments. That's the test here—I'm hoping this doesn't fill up with spam again.

OK, I should go home for dinner soon, because, well...I hunger.

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And an RSS feed. I don't think you have one do you?

Posted by Nala @ 01/24/2007 05:28 AM PST

Once upon a time, I saw you had a nice redesign planned. I think was back when I was on vacation in 2003. :)

Nope, no RSS feed, Nala. UM's still on Greymatter.

Posted by Jason @ 01/25/2007 07:56 AM PST

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