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02/08/2007 Entry: "Pushed Out The Other End."

I had grand plans for a Groundhog Day's post saying how things are the same every year—nearly every day, actually—but was working incredible hours pushing several PowerPoint presentations through the labyrinthine script-writing and design cycles. Which I think I've posted about before. When discussing PowerPoint, the similarities to the digestive process shouldn't stop merely with the end product (as they so frequently do.) I admit, it's kind of a fun challenge to take a program that tries so hard to digest your thoughts and designs into pabulum and make something compelling and useful come out of it. Regardless, it has finally passed and I'm feeling greatly relieved.

I've gotten a lot of recognition at work over the past few days, as part of a group winning a hefty crystal award (and a financial one as well) for "Excellence in the Sales and Marketing teams." Seems funny to me, but I've slowly come to accept the idea of being a part of "marketing," instead of being "an art guy who does marketing work." I used to think there was a big distinction between the two. Now I'm beginning to accept that it's all related, this shaping opinion through words and pictures and video, and there's no high or low road through it—just distinctions between good work and bad work, honest marketing and dishonest, effective advertising and noise. It's not fair to poo-poo someone else's work just because of my own old art school prejudices.

At any rate, it's always good to get some validation that, even if it feels like the same shit/different day, I'm at least making some headway somewhere. Of course, having stayed out late to celebrate, I'm pretty hung-over. I kind of feel like...well...I don't know. I can't think of an appropriate metaphor right now...Hm. Can I get back to you on that?

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They reward you with crystal? I'd heard it was epidemic out there, but whoa! In other news, what a swell bit o' serendipity at the tapas place. To be sure. xo

Posted by Panchesco @ 02/09/2007 08:07 PM PST

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