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04/02/2007 Entry: "Did Somebody Say Price Drop?!?"

Right Side of Brain: The PSP Core System is having its price reduced tomorrow!!!

Left Side of Brain: So? You've suspected they were going to do that for months now. I'm almost surprised they didn't do it before Christmas.

RSoB: But the price is coming down! Want Pretty! Want Pretty Now!

LSoB: Now? We're busy now.

RSoB: Want New Toy Now!

LSoB: You don't need a new toy. You have too many toys already.

RSoB: You're talking crazy now. There's no such thing.

LSoB: ORLY? How many Wii games do you still have in their shrinkwrap?

RSoB: Um...four, maybe?

LSoB: FIVE, genius. Not to mention the Gamecube, PS3, PS2 and XBox games you've never played.

RSoB:You know I was never good with numbers.

LSoB: And besides which, all you ever seem to do is play World of Warcraft anyway.

RSoB: Yeah, but I just got my pretty pony made entirely out of bones and...

LSoB: That's not the point. Why do you need one?

RSoB: My Boney Pony? Duh, so I can ride...

LSoB: (Interrupting) No, goofus. Why do you need a PSP?

RSoB: Oh...well duh, more platforms means more games! It's got pretty graphics.

LSoB: True, it's output is pretty impressive for its size. But don't you want to wait for the smaller, redesigned version?

RSoB: ...

LSoB: ...

RSoB: Want Pretty Now!

LSoB: Oh, you're hopeless.

Wrist: (to Wallet) Shoot me now.

Wallet: (to Wrist) Tell me about it.

Bladder: Oh, don't you dare...

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Oh come on, we both know the Left Side of the Brain knew from the start it was gonna lose the argument.. Heck, I knew it was gonna lose...A brain dead guy on life support woke up long enough to say.. "Oh please, ya know the queen is gonna get one...."

Posted by Sillynun @ 04/05/2007 01:10 AM PST

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