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04/08/2007 Entry: "Should I Call The Programmer, Or Human Resources?"

I usually refrain from posting about work for fear of being dooced, even after profound evidence that not only does no one from work read my blog, but few people still do at all. But this is too good not to mention.

A flash advertisement I've been working on lately has a profanity filter programmed in it. Well, honestly it's more like a "detector," since we don't really care if people type in profanity into an advertisement that only they will see. So when my boss' boss came into my office, it really shouldn't have surprised me when she said, "Shit's not working."

I'm sure it isn't.

Put on my list of things I never expected to say at work: "Pussy is just fine, but cunt's broken too."

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V. Nice.

Posted by MJ @ 05/22/2007 02:35 PM PST

Is this you?

Sound like it.

Posted by Colin @ 06/10/2007 08:41 PM PST

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