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Friday, February 15, 2002

A Bowlful of Fun!

Dear Facilities Manager:

Is there a setting for how the automatic flush toilets in our restrooms perform? If so, I would humbly request that the velocity of the flushing mechanism be turned down, slightly. Since the sensitivity is fairly high the low-flow toilets activate nearly every time its stall door opens. Today I felt a spray of water on my face as I entered one.

Coincidentally, if the second floor men's room garbage is unusually full with wet, soapy paper towels, you'll know why.


04:27 PM PST (link)

Thursday, February 14, 2002

A Touch of V.D.

What does love feel like? I suppose if you want a second opinion, you can ask Klaus. (2.5mb MP3)

Am I going to be scared of Le Crewe Restaurant tonight? OK, maybe the question is, how scared will I be? I decided since we did nothing for "Fat Tuesday" that we might as well celebrate "Big-Boned Thursday" or something.

Remember, if you're eating out for Valentine's Day, you're standing in the middle of someone else's work hell. Be nice to your server and you'll get good service in return.

Special VD greetings to Aaron, who not only sent me an actual paper valentine, but also inspired a googlewhack in a recent post: Quintessential Hydrocracking (1,018,490,000).

12:11 AM PST (link)

Heart On!

New stuff. I put up a little V.D. Decoration today, with many thanks to the ACME Heart Maker. I've added a new feature, my playlist, over in the left column. This is what's in my portable MP3 player at any given time. Hopefully this I can keep updated with some regularity.

Oh, and yesterday I updated my diary. Yes it's been over a month since the last entry. Please try to keep the feigned heart attacks to a minimum.

09:50 AM PST (link)

Damn! So Close, too!

The lottery is simply a tax on people bad at math.
--Robert K. Ricketts

Missed it by that much. Well, I certainly hope the Boyfriend picked better numbers than we did at work. I think between eight of us we won a dollar.

12:57 AM PST (link)

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Contents may be hot.

Note to self: there's a pronunciation difference between a pasty (pronounced with a short a, "Pass-tee") and a pasty (long a, "Pay-stee"). An important distinction when eating out in Michigan or going out in Manhattan. Now I just have to be able to tell the difference between The Pasty Lady and just another pasty lady.

Maybe Dixie can help me.

02:09 AM PST (link)

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Febbre da Bingo.

I had no idea by playing Bingo I was contributing to The Decline of Civilization. Excellent!

I think I'm skipping APE this weekend, since Steven Notley didn't make it past American customs. Our tax dollars at work. The only other cartoonist I wanted to meet was Jhonen Vasquez, and I'm still a little depressed that Invader Zim was cancelled.

Though that's not stopping me from procrastinating with games at Nick.com. Must...stop...must...finish...sitemap....

01:25 PM PST (link)


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