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United States, California, San Francisco, The Mission, English, Spanish, Casey, Male, 31-35.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Current States Of Various Parts Of My Anatomy And Possesions.

Nose: Drippy. Think I caught something at the National Sales Conference last week, when they made us run around in the rain and drink liquor late into the evening. Yes, made us. Threatened us with pointed sticks, I tell you.

Right Shoulder: Slightly sore, but having lots of fun.

Eyelids: Heavy. See above.

Wallet: Tingly.

Ears: Itchy. But also very excited to order and hear the previously unreleased tracks from Meryn Cadell's Angel Food for Thought.

Lip: Irritated but healing. Currently negotiating a hot cup of coffee a little gingerly at the request of the Eyelids (see above.)

Liver: Anxious about the arrival of the antique bar I purchased at the Hillsborough Antiques Show.

Feet: Currently want new shoes and socks to go with their new kitchen tile. Are hoping their accoutrements arrive sometime before the flooring is installed, whenever that ends up happening.

05:06 PM PST (link)
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