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Friday, March 8, 2002

Get Me Out of Here!

What have I been doing since Tuesday? I don't even remember, but I think I've found the perfect metaphor for it. (Link via The Roommate.)

03:29 PM PST (link)

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Goodbye, Cindy.

She's gone.

Frank, the tow truck driver, called me from San Anselmo. "Can you believe they put that on the address? Crazy. I'll be there in about 20 minutes." I'm certain only five minutes passed when he called to say he was out front to pick her up.  (See More)

09:28 AM PST (link)

Is There A Point To This?

I took The Ethical Philosopy Quiz. Snicker. I got John-Paul Sartre. Damn. And I was going to try to cook Tuna Casserole today too. Now I'm just not sure if there's any point.

Does this mean I can't sing along with the other philosophers?

(Link via George.)

03:27 AM PST (link)

Yes, They're Real.

I met some nice people sunday night. it's interesting the conversation that develops from people who write about their lives online, even tempered by the presence of those who don't know what our online connections and friendships are all about. Seems like when you start having pre-read the basics about someone, you can start with slightly more intimate topics, sort of. It was also interesting to introduce The Boyfriend to other real, actual online writers. See? These people do actually exist.

Ok, that's not true at all about justifying anything to The Boyfriend. The reminder that other writers are real people was all for myself.

I hate it when I clam up like I did, though. I think I started off with a gin martini finished way too quickly. I don't know if that affect how incomprehensible I was. I was definitely shy. I think I thought I could pass that off as being enigmatic. I think that ended up just sounding evasive. But then, one is always one's own worst critic on these things.

The most important thing I realized last night: I don't write enough. I need to think more about what that exactly means, but that's that.

02:03 AM PST (link)

Sunday, March 3, 2002


Are there any good cocktails to make from champagne that's gone flat? We do have a Champagne stopper, but it can't be expected to perform miracles, now, can it?

Well, a little vodka and fruit juice later, and we've got a cocktail that's not really Mimosa, not really Sangria...Mingria? Samosa? Tasty, and that's what counted.

05:03 PM PST (link)


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