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United States, California, San Francisco, The Mission, English, Spanish, Casey, Male, 31-35.

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Friday, July 26, 2002

If I Were A Rich Man...

Most unintentionally amusing press release title: Rich Person Named CEO. Perhaps they should have used his full name to avoid it sounding like a headline from The Onion.

(I don't remember who wrote about them recently, but I'm reminded of the Tom Swifties, which, as a lover of puns, I've always liked. No, I'll spare you any of my own attempts at the moment. You can thank me later.)

04:52 PM PST (link)

Thursday, July 25, 2002

(Insert Witty Title Here.)

I've been too busy playing the Sims (again) to have anything new to contribute right now. So here are some things to keep you busy while I jump-start my brain (or, more likely, download some new Simfurniture):

I'm very fond of Michael's Love Bomb idea. Hmm, now the hard part is deciding how to best send Aaron some lovin'...

Mena tells a great story about a bad influence. I was actually a pretty diplomatic child, I think, though I tended to make friends with the misfits. Some of whom still bother my Mother years since I've moved away. (Link via Geno.)

Speaking of...after our spirited discussion about our diminishing retirement accounts, I thought my Mom might appreciate some well-thought investment advice (Link via Nancy. Congrats to her for second place in the Blogwhore contest!)

Several people have blogged theHello Kitty Anxiety Test. Did you know that she's created a wide range of other tests? Dr. Kitty's dissertation must have been a mess, given that the topics vary so widely: How lazy are you, Your weight lost (sic) program, Do you have the power to create romance?, Find the man to suit you best, the Gift wrapping test, and The Speculative Fiction Psychological Test (Look, I don't know either. I just blog it.)

"Hi! We're completely out of Ideas!" Oh my Oddness...I nearly spit Japanese food at the monitor. If you have some time, start at the Beginning of these bad "local band photos." (Link via Max.)

04:13 PM PST (link)

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Not Just A Little Bit Off.

Omigod. I have all next week off from work. Well, there's a departmental conference call I'd like to hear on Tuesday, but I can miss that. And I will, if the Boyfriend and I end up going somewhere. But we've made no plans yet. What would you do with a somewhat unexpected week off?

I felt a little uncomfortable, asking only a week beforehand for an entire week off. But then, my biggest problem at work lately has been spreading out the work across all five days, something that I'm not good at. Either I procrastinate and read Weblogs until the very last second before something is due, or I'll rush through and get everything done in an afternoon and have to wait for the next project to come in. OK, usually it's the former, but this week has been an exception. Now I just have to look busy for a couple of days more.

06:33 PM PST (link)

Kinda Meta.

Hot or Not? for Weblogs. [shudder]

And now, for a little meta-data...pardon me:

Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, San Francisco, SOMA, Casey, Male, 31-35, Gay, Weblog...Ultramundane!

I feel like I should do a cartwheel now and end with my pom-poms out.

05:21 PM PST (link)

Monday, July 22, 2002

WiFi (And Five Cent Philosophy.)

Fascinating. While walking home today, I saw a familiar and telltale marking on the sidewalk. This is the first time I've ever seen WarChalking in person. I find it coincidental that Sunday's Doonesbury was about using open wireless networks. Perhaps the Boyfriend and I (or my mom and I, for that matter) ought to take a little walk around the neighborhood sometime. (I'm reminded of when someone [cough] first got his new laptop and accidentally discovered a neighbor's open network. Unfortunately, it was a painfully slow network, so that ended pretty quickly.)

It surprised me to see the marking there, actually...no, I'm not surprised that a SoMa loft space would have a wireless network. I forget that sometimes ideas that spread on the Web do affect the real world. I usually take what I read on the Internet with a healthy grain of salt, which is good; but I do myself a disservice to think of everything online—particularly the smart, talented people who I know through the Web—as abstractions. (Thank you for bearing with the shallow philosophical noodling. We will return you now to your cheese sandwich, already in progress.)

10:07 PM PST (link)


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