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Saturday, October 5, 2002

RPG Talk: Look Away If You Must.

I admit I'm still a big fan for the discontinued game Wraith: The Oblivion from White Wolf Games. The big problem is finding other people who play—the fanbase was never as large as their other games, and the infamous complaint people had was that the dead "can't do anything." And while I'd love to see Wraith return from the void, given the changes that have happened in its literature, I'm not sure that it would be the same.

I just learned about an upcoming game from White Wolf...Demon: The Fallen. Players take on the role of a demon cast out of Heaven into the Abyss, but now free to walk the Earth. It shows a lot of promise to take over the story themes I loved in Wraith (personal redemption, conflicting feelings about humanity, etc.,) but will include more action for the battlegamers.

So like a good fanboy I've been following the rumors and hints on its Discussion Boards, and I'm looking forward to its release on November 11th...that is, 11/11. That's one thing about White Wolf: They pay great attention to details.

11:11 PM PST (link)

Invisible Friends Update.

The Boyfriend wrote in an email this morning: "Aaron's back!" Oops, I knew that. Guess I forgot to share that piece of joyful news. Though I'm sad to hear about Grandma Duck, I look forward to his excellent words.

Actually, for the past month or so, my links list was having a Renaissance: Jonno (my site's baby-daddy...we share a birthday, you know,) Jason (a great writer who I'm very happy to see back,) Steve (who hasn't updated since, tap-tap-tap,) Mike (same story, tap-tap-tap,) PJ (who just needs to post more.) I meant to post about all this at the time, but I didn't want to seem like I was blogwhoring. So why am I doing it now? Dunno. I'm blogwhoring? Stretching for content? Or maybe this just means it's time to update my links page too.

08:32 PM PST (link)

Friday, October 4, 2002

Breathe! Breathe, You Fuckers!

Please indulge me while I flog the equestrian corpse which is the state of my sinuses.

So I have a cold. Again. I'm surviving work today only by the miracle of Ibuprofen. Not surprising given that several people at work are sick, not to mention the numerous things and people I came in contact with at Folsom Street Fair. (I heard that back there; not like that, you perv!)

Personally, I'm not blaming either situation. I'm blaming Allegra, this wonderful Allergy medicine my wonderful doctor gave me. The potential side effects they list include headache (got one!), cold (yup!), and back pain (got that too!) So the medicine I'm taking to be less congested and drippy is making me more congested and drippy. Can I count this as ironic?

Screw this. I'm going back to less intrusive methods. Anyone want a cold in a pill some allergy medicine samples?

02:27 PM PST (link)

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Shopping List.

Spicy soba noodle soup for lunch
Coffee (Well, duh!)
Bottle of Water
Penguin Mints
Travel-size Kleenex
An extra $20 for expenses
Hockey Mask

Must be Bingo night.

03:14 PM PST (link)

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Dumbledore Feels Your Pain.

Last night we dropped off a slightly belated present for My Favorite Ten-Year-old. Unfortunately, he was not feeling well—either food poisoning or some kind of stomach bug. He had a big metal pot next to him in bed, the just-in-case pot (which I remember from when I was sick as a kid.) He definitely seemed to perk up a little after playing with the toy, which was exactly what we wanted to see.

We also gave him a package of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. However I have a feeling that he will avoid the vomit-flavored ones for the time being.

10:28 AM PST (link)

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

My Garden of Bad Odors.

Three weeks after being hit with a nasty cold I'm still congested and my sinuses still hurt. But my doctor warned me against taking decongestants, which will raise my (still high) blood pressure. Instead he rooted around in his samples drawer for a spray bottle of Flonase. Damn, what a dumb name. It took me several days (and a couple glasses of wine) to get up the courage to spray it the first time.

God, it smells awful.

Well, I should say that when I first spray it, there's a second where I smell magnolia, like my nose is buried deep inside one. Then it suddenly seems that the magnolia is made out of wet and rusted metal, and it's all downhill from there. The lingering odor reminds me of a flea powder we used to use on our family dog--the one that made him run around sneezing and rolling in cat shit to cover the smell.

The Boyfriend said it wasn't so bad (he described it as "inky.") But then again, he was on the outside of my sinuses. If he could smell it out there, imagine what it was like in here.

"Itís important to realize that maximum nasal symptom relief may take several days," says the Website. Oh really? It's been four days and I'm not sure it's done anything besides make breakfast and lunch taste bad. You'd think anything that smelled that bad would do something. At least I can be sober when I spray it now, but I don't regret it any less.

The other problem is that with so much happening up there, I'm starting to smell other things. I like my new all-vegetable moisturising soap—washing is like walking through a lovely green field. The other day, however, I seem to have found a piece of poop hidden in the tall grass. The "deodorizing" garbage can liners at work are so thick with perfume I'm finding I can't be in the same room with them after they're changed. (So I have to leave at 6:30? Oh, how horrible.)

On the other hand, there was the hippie boy at Rainbow Market who seemed to be giving off extremely potent pheremones. I might have lingered around the canned beans a little longer than normal, I admit. But when armpit and patchouli smells better than the odor in my nose, you know something's seriously wrong.

11:34 AM PST (link)

Monday, September 30, 2002

The Leather People Are Coming!

I've had years go by when the Folsom Street Fair happened outside the apartment and I've just shut the windows to block out the noise. I'm not embarrassed to say that I was more interested in playing video games than seeing a parade of semi- (or completely) naked people outside my door.

This year, though, I went out to see things. The Boyfriend decided to stay at his place and Edith was already out working, so I wandered around by myself, and had a good time.

Folsom Street Fair, 2002

I got home and pounded a double espresso at 3, and by 3:30 I was showered—and shaking. I'm beginning to see that I can't drink coffee like I used to. So I went out and got a cocktail in the street, which calmed the jitters. I wore my top hat and "Click Here" t-shirt, but it took a good hour or so of me walking around before someone came up and "clicked" on my chest. Did it take me that long to look approachable? Or was it the second rum and Coke?

Rum and Cokes remind me of being 22. They remind me of a guy I dated that Christmas holiday (nicknamed The Hunter for one of his hobbies—obviously we were not meant to be together.) When "Don't Leave Me This Way" came on while I had a drink in one hand, I had a serious flashback to Santa Barbara and The Pub, a sad bar that is now called Hades. (Is it still sad? I haven't been back.)

I ran into an old friend, who I haven't seen for over a year. Sometimes I realize that I'm not progressing as well as I think at breaking out of my hermitage. I'm doing better at meeting new people; but I need to keep in better contact with the friends I've made. (Silver and gold, or something like that. I'm reminded of another old acquaintance whom I saw at the Art Opening Friday. He said I hadn't changed since he saw me last, many years ago. I smiled at that, but wondered if I felt that was true on the inside too. I fled that night without saying goodbye, though I tried; there were too many people there at once for me. He knows Victor; maybe I'll have him pass along the message.)

For some reason I was a lot less introverted than usual. I shook hands with porn stars; I complimented people who wore good costumes. I talked for a while with a photographer on the advantages and drawbacks, artistically and conceptually, of spy cameras; I was amazed when he talked a handsome straight couple into stopping and posing for shots—particularly when the boy stripped his shirt from his toned body, exposing a lot of really nice skin. [Did I really try on that piece of *ahem* jewelry with the stall-keeper watching? I mean, I understand the need for inventory control, but still.... At least he was kind enough to hold my coat (and nothing more.)]

While I'm a pretty shy person, once I get started socializing (and particularly after a few rum and cokes) I do tend to keep going. So getting in the back of a truck with some Sisters, going for dinner in the Castro afterwards and then knocking back a few more rum and Cokes seemed like the best way to cap off the night. (Well, I ended up vacuuming glitter out of the carpet after that, but that chore had to happen sooner or later anyway.) So maybe I was late to work this morning, but I think it was worth it.

01:27 PM PST (link)


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