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07/24/2001 Entry: "Well, Duh."

According to theSpark.com's Gay Test, I'm 67% gay—gayer than 2/3 of other gay men. Um, hello! I like that you don't have to be gay to take the test, though there's only two options for gender and orientation. At the same time I also like the instructions for bi people: "If you're totally bisexual, pick whatever you feel like today."

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Either that or you just take the test twice, like I did. Hell, you could even take it four times!

Destroy the dichotomous society that oppresses us!

Posted by David @ 07/24/2001 12:57 AM PST

I just took the test again and got a 74%. Apparantly I've gotten gayer in the past day or two!

Posted by Casey @ 07/27/2001 09:28 PM PST

I took it a second time -- wearing pantyhose -- and still scored a mediocre 67% Not that there's anything wrong with that... Get it? Nevermind.

Posted by more than middleman @ 07/30/2001 08:16 PM PST

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