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12/19/2001 Entry: "Quick and Veggie?"

Continuing the pizza theme, I was going to be pleased about the Little Caesar's Information for Vegetarians. But then, when you consider that Wendy's lied about gelatin in their ranch dressing and Taco Bell about their guacamole, and that vegetarian choices for fast food really just aren't very good, maybe I should just choose a vegetarian restaurant to begin with.

The issue is one of necessity and convenience, though, not unfortunately taste or health. I appreciate the Slow Food concept, but someday the Boyfriend may talk me into that cross-country drive he's always threatened. (Though we have discussed this: I think we'd both rather take our chances with a local restaurant over fast food, if possible.) I get a little impatient that Burger King has tested a veggie burger in Canada since 1993 (based on the success of veggie options in English take-out restaurants) but still hasn't brought it here to "liberal" California. Though I've heard rumor that a Burger King in Berkeley serves a veggie burger (besides the "Whopper with no patty.") Canadians and Berkeley-ans, any comments?

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