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02/01/2002 Entry: "Is My Makeup On Yet?"

I'm not very focused today at work, again. I'm not sure if that's because it's Friday, or because Mercury is in Retrograde, or if it's related to the fact that I'm treating my dry, hacking cough at night with a Codeine cough syrup. (It's "Grape of the Undead" flavored. Yummy! At least there won't be any worries about cough medicine abuse with this.)

The last time I took this stuff for a dry cough it didn't do much for me, neither putting me to sleep nor stopping the coughing. Mostly it just tasted bad. The past couple of nights, though, I've been like the bride on muscle relaxants in Sixteen Candles: "I feel so funky!" This has lead to a somewhat melty disposition in the mornings. That's been my excuse for being late to work this week, at least.

Is it working? Maybe. Is it worth feeling like a wrung-out dishrag? Dunno.

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