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02/07/2002 Entry: "Next: The 'What Kind of Nap Would You Be' Quiz."

Goodness, when it rains it pours, doesn't it? Not only did I get the name of my Swiff Partner this week, but also a new corpse slice. I'm going to need Meme-aholics Anonymous shortly. Especially since Fredo and I are co-sponsoring a category for The Anti-Bloggies. I can't decide what category I should be campaigning to win. "Most Banal Content?" "Least Updated?" Do they have a category for "Most Psychotic?"

Once upon a time I'd have been a shoe-in for "Most Caffeinated." No longer; I'm down to just two or three cups a day, tops. It may still sound like a lot, but this is down from about eight servings a day last year. I haven't had espresso in weeks. I'm not even using soda or mints to suppliment. I don't know what happened. And judging by the time stamp of this entry, it hasn't been the coffee that's kept me awake this late.

Can I get that meme in decaf, please?

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Sinner! Blasphemer! Surely you are going to hell! The caffeine is the life!

Posted by David @ 02/07/2002 01:49 PM PST

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