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02/26/2002 Entry: "Swimming Upstream."

Yay! Chee-tos for Breakfast!

I might be running just a little behind today. I love early morning meetings, especially after late-night insomnia.

I woke up around seven this morning with my Visor embedded in my cheek. Darn you, TextTwist, darn you! I retreived the stylus from the blankets before it self-inserted like a candirú. I managed to get most of the little ribbed indentations off of my face before I left for work. However on my arrival this morning, I realized I'd forgotten to zip my fly. I'd ridden all the way across town on MUNI like that. Again. No wonder it felt so drafty on that train.

Otherwise, the workday continues at a fever pitch. Somehow, despite being an utter wreck today I've managed to mock up an entire website using the HTML equivilent of popsicle sticks and white glue. Good thing I'm not an HTML programmer, huh?

Ack! I accidently read some of the Marketing Copy! Quick, to the eyewash station!

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