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06/11/2002 Entry: "Wimp."

I forgot to tell the people at the testing facility that I need to lie down when they draw blood. But this time the surprise was on me: the dizziness and profuse sweating happened before she even stuck me.

I'm such a wimp around needles. Just thinking about it now makes me feel anxious and sick. In fact, I'm reminded of when I was a little child—Mom, how old was I, around five or six?—and after a routine innoculation, I insisted on wearing my arm in a sling for a day or two because it felt "weird."

If I thought I could get away with the sling today, I'd consider it.

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if it's any consolation, on the only occasion I went to give blood, I passed out before even getting to the bed......When I came round I didn't know where I was and wondered if I'd died and gone to heaven - but then I thought "why are there nurses in heaven and why do they keep asking if I can hear them?"... I'm not trying that again.....

Posted by Ian @ 06/13/2002 01:55 AM PST

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