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07/25/2002 Entry: "(Insert Witty Title Here.)"

I've been too busy playing the Sims (again) to have anything new to contribute right now. So here are some things to keep you busy while I jump-start my brain (or, more likely, download some new Simfurniture):

I'm very fond of Michael's Love Bomb idea. Hmm, now the hard part is deciding how to best send Aaron some lovin'...

Mena tells a great story about a bad influence. I was actually a pretty diplomatic child, I think, though I tended to make friends with the misfits. Some of whom still bother my Mother years since I've moved away. (Link via Geno.)

Speaking of...after our spirited discussion about our diminishing retirement accounts, I thought my Mom might appreciate some well-thought investment advice (Link via Nancy. Congrats to her for second place in the Blogwhore contest!)

Several people have blogged theHello Kitty Anxiety Test. Did you know that she's created a wide range of other tests? Dr. Kitty's dissertation must have been a mess, given that the topics vary so widely: How lazy are you, Your weight lost (sic) program, Do you have the power to create romance?, Find the man to suit you best, the Gift wrapping test, and The Speculative Fiction Psychological Test (Look, I don't know either. I just blog it.)

"Hi! We're completely out of Ideas!" Oh my Oddness...I nearly spit Japanese food at the monitor. If you have some time, start at the Beginning of these bad "local band photos." (Link via Max.)

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