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08/02/2002 Entry: "Smackdown!"

I spanked a boy last night. A boy who wasn't my boyfriend. Well, actually I paddled a complete stranger last night in front of a bunch of people.

And I paid for the privilege.

See, at Bingo with the Sisters, they have a paddle which they use for spankings if people misbehave, if they call bingo improperly, if their cellphones ring, if they have birthdays, if they look like they need a good spanking...really, for any reason or no reason at all. A nervous-looking guy named Brad won a door prize raffle and made an offhand comment about being worried that he'd get paddled onstage. Well, a nun heard that, and somehow things snowballed into an auction for a paddling. The proceeds went to the Sister's charities, so what harm could come from bidding?

Perhaps I got a little too into the spirit of things. People at the table with me threw in extra cash to outbid another group. In all, we donated $72 for nine swats with the paddle. I was pleased when we won. Then I realized they were waiting for me to get up onstage to paddle him. What? I had missed that part.

We were introduced by MaryMae ("Brad, this is Casey. Now bend over.") and had a formal photo-op shaking hands (A handshake? Oh my god, you ARE straight, aren't you?) and I gave him nine swats on the backside. There's another one who won't be coming back to Bingo. I almost felt a little bad for him, except that I didn't hit very hard.

  Sister Edith: You hit like a girl.
  Sister Roxanne: Hey! Some girls hit hard.
  Me: True, but I hit like a sissy girl. Well, I had to hit back-handed, so I didn't have as much power there.
  Edith: Oh, and you're such a top.
  Me: [lisping] I am! I am a big mean butch top!
  Rox: Yeah, you sure whine like one.

Congratulations on a wild and woolly and successful bingo night, Edith.

Replies: 2 comments

sorry, i forgot to get your number.

but you got mine (did you check your hand after the handshake?)

so call already.

Posted by brad @ 08/02/2002 12:53 AM PST

You do hit like a girl.. A real wimpy girl with carpal tunnel.. But ya are so damn cute who couldn't let that slide..


Posted by Sister MaryMae @ 08/02/2002 07:36 PM PST

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