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08/07/2002 Entry: "I Just Want To Focus On My E. Coli."

So much for that nice healthy salad. A big sign was posted over the salad bar I went to today, that basically said: "Our romaine lettuce is grown and packed in California, so shut up." (Reminds me that there's some romaine in the fridge to be probably thrown away. Not because of the recall, mind you, but because it's wilty and didn't taste that good.) I really shouldn't habitually visit the FDA Recalls and Safety Alerts page. While it's an important service, let's face it: it's just more fodder for my paranoia.

On the other hand, I'm finding that, maybe all this salad is paying off, like for these guys. Not to stereotype here, but...a straight guy I work with asked if I've lost weight. If straight men can notice a difference in the way my pants fit, something must be working.

It's either that or the E. coli.

"I was very hungry, but I still have tendency to put on weight.  So this is why I really hope that I catch malaria, because that is really good way to lose weight quickly—malaria and dysentery."
  -"The Chow Like Cho Diet," from Margaret Cho's "Drunk with Power"

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A friend of mine got married recently. Another friend exposed her to stomach flu the week before, and she was puking for days. She was mad about it at first, but later she claimed to be thankful . . . 'cause her wedding dress fit so much better after she barfed off 8 pounds.

Posted by William Ted @ 08/08/2002 02:24 PM PST

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