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09/04/2002 Entry: "Like This Chair? We Rendered It!"

I'm back. Didn't go anywhere, though. Well, I did take a trip around the neighborhood (Gee, thanks a lot, Vince!), cruised around to some spots I missed the first time on the islands, and began a brief visit to Ireland.

Let me tell you, for how little I paid for it, this chair is remarkably comfortable.

Even as late as it is, I'm struggling against myself not to pop Clive Barker's Undying back into the CD player. While I'm not very good at first-person shooter games (mostly the not-getting-shot part), I used to enjoy them a lot: Marathon, Quake, Unreal...but eventually I started feeling motion-sickness after playing them for a short time. But oddly, I played this for hours last night, and was really having fun. The story and the graphics...the game is just really creepy—like, Call of Cthulhu rapidly-losing-sanity-points creepy. Run-away-crying-like-a-baby creepy. As I checked out a cleft in the rocks, the Roommate quipped: "That's just a hiding place so that you can change your soiled underwear without the monsters looking at you."

After three days of being plugged in, though, the real world has started to look quite...er...Unreal.

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