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10/05/2002 Entry: "Invisible Friends Update."

The Boyfriend wrote in an email this morning: "Aaron's back!" Oops, I knew that. Guess I forgot to share that piece of joyful news. Though I'm sad to hear about Grandma Duck, I look forward to his excellent words.

Actually, for the past month or so, my links list was having a Renaissance: Jonno (my site's baby-daddy...we share a birthday, you know,) Jason (a great writer who I'm very happy to see back,) Steve (who hasn't updated since, tap-tap-tap,) Mike (same story, tap-tap-tap,) PJ (who just needs to post more.) I meant to post about all this at the time, but I didn't want to seem like I was blogwhoring. So why am I doing it now? Dunno. I'm blogwhoring? Stretching for content? Or maybe this just means it's time to update my links page too.

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