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03/11/2003 Entry: "Salt Water, Part One."

Sunday night we saw an HBO preview of a new movie Normal. It's very good; while there are some small things about it that aren't quite realistic (notably, that transitioning usually takes more than a year from hormones to surgery) it's still an excellent drama and a very sensitive treatment of a MtF transsexual. I only cried once or twice.

Ate with the Boyfriend afterwards; there was no mushy love notes involved, and therefore no tearing up. But a couple glasses of wine at dinner, and I figured what harm could a couple more at home do? Well, sitting with a very full glass in front of iTunes while it picked out heavy emotional number after heavy emotional number, I started to wonder if sombody had it in for me and wanted me to cry. (Though one of the songs was "Summertime"—maybe it was just the wine.)

And yesterday at work, my throat a little sore, I was so frustrated I could...well, you know.

Something in the water, maybe?

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