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03/13/2003 Entry: "Does A Gun Have The Buddha Nature?"

Sounds like Vince and Jhames are having a rough time on their road trip. Now, I'm not one to capitalize on the pain of my blog friends, but maybe just this once.

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What if the car plunges over a cliff while they're locked in a mutual death grip and they die together or buddha forbid they both survive this ordeal?

Posted by Todd @ 03/13/2003 01:35 PM PST

Well, there could be more than one winner who'd split the prize. And if they both survive? Sorry, no refunds.

Posted by Casey @ 03/13/2003 06:04 PM PST

Well i think you have everything under control...GO JHAMES!!! so sorry vince...

Posted by edd @ 03/13/2003 08:09 PM PST

I'm not going to have to go through this when I visit San Francisco, am I? (If so, my money's on Ernie killing me by 4pm on the 15th of May.)

Posted by Jason @ 03/14/2003 07:32 AM PST

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